Younique: My honest review

Hello beauties! By now I’m sure you’ve herd of Younoque!  It’s only the greatest makeup ever put on this earth! ( just my opoonion).  It all starts by  clicking on my website link. Once your on my Younique. Site it’s so easy to navigate through the different categories. If you want to place an order all you have to do is add each item to your shopping cart and choose your color(if you need to).  When your ready to order go to your shoppong cart at the top right of your screen where you can see everything that you purchased.  Then you want to make a profile with your  info(name, address, exct) and that’s it!  the best part is you can use paypal(this is what I  use) it makes it so easy!

It never takes too long to get my order, it usually comes USPS. So it comes with the mail.( not UPS or FedEx)  I usually order on a Friday and have it by the next wendsday. But that may depend on where you live. It usually comes wrapped in a box with bubble wrap and some tissue paper with the Younique logo on it. The pakaginfg is always really nice.

The quality of the products are truley amazing. They are not like anything you would buy  at Wal-Martt or any drug store for that matter. I have never received any broken products. So they know what they are doing when it comes  to packaging cosmetics!

The great thing about buying Younique products is if you sign up to be a presenter.  You will get over $300 worth of makeup for $99.  After you get all of your makeup anything you purchase after that you will get a 20% discount on. You make commotion on your own purchases and  you will gwt that 3hrs after you make a purchase!  How awesome is that? Plus if you make a $100 purchase you not only get commotion you will get a $24 credit for free product and a half priced product! This is why I signed up!  I will go into more detail in my next blog about commotion and free product.(Y Cash) So far everything about this company impresses me.  But the last thing I want to talk about it why Younique is so amazing!  have you ever wondered where your money goes when you purchase make up from any store? Someones getting rich right? Well with Younique your money goes towards a retreat to help sexually abused women and children get the help they need while being uplifted and empowered! That’s the #1 reason why I love this company so much!

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