The True Color Collection by Younique 



The True Color Collection is a collection of 6 Younoques Mood Struck Minerals Eyeshadow pigments and a liner/shader brush to aply them with.  These pigments powders were  the first eyeshadows that Younique introduced to the world.  They taught me how to do a stnning amazing smoky eye.  Now I’m not afraid to go for the bright bold colors because I know how to blend!  That’s why I’m sad to say that these Eyeshadow pigments will be retiring forever!  But the good news is all through July you can get 6 colors and a liner shader brush for just $59.  What an amazing deal!

These eyrshadows are so fun and easy to use you will want to collect them all!  They can be applied wet or dry.  Just add a little water to your brush before applying the color it will make the your pop even more!

The liner/shader brush is the best tool apply the Moidsruck Mineral Eyeshadow Pigments.  Use the shader side to apply the color to the top of your lid and then turn it around and take the color down and line your bottom lashes. Now you have eyeshadow and liner with one product!  but it doesn’t stop there.  If your getting 6 colors you may as well get a lighter shade to highlight with. Yes you can also highlight with these shadows too.
There are so many ways to use these pigment powders and they will last you forever!  If you are interested you can check them all out on my website or you can click on the red links within my blog posts, its just one way to make it easier for you guys to find these amazing products.  As always thank you for reading my blog.  I’ll be posting more on these amazing shadows through out the month!



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