Wendsday Night Younique Look! 

Wendsday is my favorite day of the week, and not because it’s hump day! It’s karaoke at my favorite Bar & grill, Maloos. From my outfit to my what color eyeshadow I choose I love spending time creating different looks using Younique Makeup products. 

Tonight I decided to to mix  Scinsere Chipper & swanky with a little bit if Brassy on top, from Palette #1!  I Love how you can go from dry powder to a wet creamy shadow just by adding a little water on your brush! I also took the shade zealous and used it as an eyeliner and filled in my brows.

Because it is about 90 degrees where I live I didn’t want to wear any foundation, so I just applied Consealer all over my face to cover up where the sun made it a little red. Worked like a charm! I toped it off with a some Lip Bon bon in the shade Vilialla Milkshake to give my lips a little moisture. I’m not really big on lipstick so it did the trick for tonight! I also wear it to bed so my lips aren’t dry and cracked in the morning. 

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