My Younoque Quad Palette

Our mineral powders may have may have recently retired, but only to make room for something bigger and better! Younique did it again with these magnetic pressed eyeshades. I chose to get the quad palettes, I couldn’t just get one! The palettes are avalible in singles or you can get the quad paltte like the one I chose. I love being able to create my own custm palette, there are twenty-five matte shimmer and satin colors to chose from.

wp-image-1474458681 Going into football season, I decided to go with a palette that resembles the Redskins colors. So I went with Fervent which the closet to burgundy I that I could find. The second color was a shermy gold.(I think I nailed it)  The third color is a  shimery white, I use this one as a base, it also makes a nice highlight. The fourth is a   satain brown( this one is my favorite out of all four colors) I wesare this one a lot! There are so many looks that can be created just by using these four colors.


Here are is one that I created! Hope you have as much fun as I did coming up with these different eye looks!  Here is just one look I created. I started out with Perfect eyeliner and lined the top and the bottom. Then I went in  with Fervent, blending it in the crease to give it the smoky look.  Next I went in with Gingerly and applied it to the lid and highlighted the corners of my eyes with Fanatical.  To make this look epic I used my favirite Epic Mascara, just one coat on the top and bitrom lashes! I love how this look turned out!


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My shirt came from Sam’s Club and my headband came from Wal



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