Mary Kay Review 

20170925_1552371367538724.jpgOne of my good friends sent some  Mary Kay samples to try out. I have never tried any of thier products so I was excited! Thier arnt many company’s around who have samples that reps can and hand out to potential customers. As I started to
swatch the first eyeshadow sample the colors went on really smooth.


My favorite color sample were the colors for a blue eyes. Hiney spice is a lightest shade of the three, I would probably use this one as a highlighter. Copper Glow is a simmery copper, perfect for someone with blue eyes. I would use this shade by its self. French Toast is a light shimmery brown. Last but not least Shy Blush is a pink/ peach color that would look nice on any skintone.   They are light shimmery colors, the blush is also a nice color.   Next I decideed to try the lip glosses out.   As I started to swatch them on my arm, They felt very thick have alot of glitter and not enough pigment in them.  On the other hand I liked the lip stick samples were smooth and I really liked the colors. 9  In my opinion I would defiantly purchase the eye shadow palettes. I really liked the one for blue eyes! I also liked the lip stick samples.  I had so much fun testing all of these samples out,  Thank you so much Becky!