Free Ulta Beauty Makeup Kit Review(Part 2)

Hello again, so I decided to post a second blog about my Ulta Beauty Makeup Kit(the same day as the pat 1) As I said in my last blog I had to purchase $50 worth of cosmetics to receive this free makeup kit from Ulta. They claim its worth $75, personally I don’t think I would have paid that much for this makeup.

First I want to start with the ‘mini eyeshadow palette’. I’m not sure if these are colors that were created just for this collection, but at first glance when you first open the palette the colors look really pretty. As soon as I started to swatch them I noticed there was a lot of fall out and they were crummy inside the palette. Personally I’m not a big fan of a lot of fall out I don’t want to create more work for myself by wiping my face after applying the shadow. The formula was not all that great it takes a lot for these colors to pop.

As for the others, the plum drop and desire kind of look the same, they don’t look like I could pair or blend them together very well. Say What Would make the perfect brow high light. The last two are my favorites, Fearless and Buzzword, they both really popped on my skin.

The nex thing that I swatched was the hi-light, contour, and translucent powder ‘mini palette’. These colors look like they are the same fourmula as the eyeshadow. They do have some similarities. I’m going to start with the fall out thankfully these paletets were free beacause this one also had a lot of fall out and felt chalky. The colors don’t show up on my skin very well, so I wasn’t impressed with this one at all.

Next up is the Tinted Eye Primer by Ulta Beauty in the shade Satan Blush. First of all I don’t understand why a eyeshadow primer is tented.

As I started to rub the eye primer into my arm it just looked like a really pretty shimmery, creamy eyeshadow, not a primer.This primer doesn’t work like a normal primer either. I tested it with the ‘mini eye shadow palette’ from Ulta and you couldn’t see one color from another it all blended togeather I don’t recommend it at all.

There was one brush that came with this kit, it feels soft, I would defiantly use this brush for the contoure and translucent powder.

The next few things I’m going to talk about are the Eyeliner, Matte Lip Crayon and Lip Gloss.

The eyeliner went on so smooth and buttery, one side is black(Blackout)and the other side is purple(Plum). These colors will go nicely With the ‘mini palette’. I’m not big on putting color on my lips so naturally I didn’t think I would ever use this Lip Crayon in the shade Soiree. But the color looks amazing on my plale skin, especially with the gloss on top. The Color Rush lip gloss is in the shade Olivia. This bag is super cute too. I love the light pink color and ruffles on the front.

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