Free Ulta Makeup Kit

Hello my beautiful beauties! I’m back with my free makeup kit I received from Ulta Beauty. Just in case you’re wondering I actually had to make a purchase to revive this makeup for free.

To be completely honest there was only one thing I had in mind while visiting the Ulta site, I wanted the Jaclyn Hill Palette. While I did get the palette, I came across a promotion that I could only take advantage of online. So of course when you see a great deal I say go for it! I already spent $38 on the palette all I had to do is add another $20 and I could get a free Ulta makeup kit worth $75! So that’s what I did. I decided to add some items that were already on sale. The first was Better Than Sex Mascara. I’ve seen and read a lot of reviews on this mascara and it was only $10 for the sample size. So in the cart it went.

I also got Bed Head Rockaholic ‘Diry Secret’ Dry Shampoo. This stuff is amazing for lifting the roots and creating that day after look! I couldn’t pass this up I love hair products, So in the cart it went!

This purchase turned out to be a great one. I got the palette I wanted ant got to try some cosmetics from Ulta Beauty and some amazing Dry Shampoo and a Mascara!

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