The Jaclyn Hill Palete

incase you didn’t know Im a huge Jaclyn Hill fan!  So all I wanted for Christmas this year was the Jaclyn Hill Palett! That’s exactly what I got.

The first time I saw this palette I thought the colors were perfect.  As someone who uses mostly brown tones I wouldn’t normally buy a palette with darcker shades, now I can play around with some colors I normally wouldnt use.

The first row of colors are amazing I could totally see myself using these colors every single day. There are some light pinks browns and some hi-light colors.

The second row gets a little red. I’m loving the color creamcilcle. The browns are a bit darker plus theres also a gold at the end of this row.

Row three gets a bit warmer with these darker shades of browns and oranges. I call these the sunset colors!

The fourth row is gorgeous I’ve tried the purples and they are to die for. It actually shocked my how nice the purples turned out on my eyes. I’ve never used these colors before.

The fourth row is full of blue and green shades with a bit of purple and browns. The first two colors were so pretty when I paired them together. This palette was well thought out from the creamy and hilghly pigmented colors to having no fall out. and I can wait to see the next project Jaclyn come up with! Here are some looks I created using ‘The Jaclyn Hill Palette’

‘The orange and green look’

The Purple Look’

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