about nikkeyk

Hi my name is Nichole. I go by nikkeyk. I’m

30- something. I’m a girlfriend to the most adoring and caring man I have ever met. Most everyday you’ll find me working my Full time job. In my free time I love experimenting and writing about different makeup products.

I’m excited to share my blog with you!  I have a strong passion for the fashion and beauty industry.  I have pale, sensitive and horribly dry skin, so Bmbefore I try any products I do research on companys so that I know what ingreadeants are used in thier cosmetics. I won’t use any cismetics from compays who still test on animals. 

Im having so much fun learning about makeup and what I products I can put on my skin that wont give me any kind of reaction or irritation.  If you want follow my journey and learn with me pkease follow this blog and my other social media sites.

Facebook Business page: Last Minute Beauty Blog
Instagram: Last Minute Beauty Blog
Twitter: Last Minute Beauty Blog


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