about nikkeyk

youniqueproducts.com/nicholeknableHi my name is Nichole. I go by nikkeyk. I’m a Younique Presenter and I’m just getting started in the cosmetic and skin care industry! in the past year I’ve become I’veobsessed with makeup and  what Younique is all about! I use my phone to run my new buisness!  Oh and did I mention that I also have a full time job.  I just recently started a blog and realized I love to write!  I found my passion! 

I’m so glad I have found this company. Younique is a natural based cosmetic company we also have skincare and anti-aging products as well.

 Younique has a retreat every year for women & children who have been sexually abused. Our mission is to Uplift Empower and Validate women everywhere! We also have a love it garintee, which means you can try any product for 14 days and if you don’t like it you can return it for a full refund. 
This company also has a wonderful employment oppertunity. If your just starting a blog or a YouTube channel, you earn commotions on your own purchases 3 hours after you make them! There are so many products to review and we always relaxing new products! If you have any quearions or want to join my team,  please visit my website at youniqueproducts.com/nicholeknable

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